Pokemon Go Locations- A Review

All right, this is it. I will show you how to find precise locations of Pokemon Around You. Most of the Pokemon Go Map online are based on either user reported pokemon estimated coordinates or they are never really updated real time.For more details browse the pokemon go locations site.

The tool I am going to share with you allows you to pinpoint the exact location where pokemon is at in your area LIVE! It can do that because the tool taps into the game data directly based on your Pokemon Go account.

First, download the files here. Then unzip the file, and run the program. Youll be prompted to sign into your Pokémon Go account (either with Google or your Pokemon Trainer), and once thats done, youre taken to a map that zeroes in on your location and populates with all the Pokémon in your vicinity. Not only that, you can click on a Pokémon to see how long itll remain at its current location. Its astonishingly accurate! I have tested this myself for 2 days and not a single time it missed!

You will also have options of showing all the Pokestops nearby as well as Pokestops with Lure. This allows you to quickly identify what activities are going on in your neighborhood, and you can easily just hop on to the next stop! Hope you find this tool useful, and I know I do! Check it out if you like to know how to find precise locations of Pokemon around you.